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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Connection between Content Management and Search Engine Optimization

Connection between Content Management and Search Engine Optimization
Content Management 
Content Management

Many of webmasters and search engine optimization specialist forget one main point while doing SEO and that is Content Management. According to the search engine guidelines and especially for Google your webpage’s content must contain your targeted keywords on to search engines.

Keyword Density

Furthermore, for Effective Search Engine Optimization, your targeted keywords’ density must be between 2%-4% according to the search engine standards. There are so many tools to find out keyword density of your targeted keywords on from your content. Such as. ; ; etc.

Structure of CMS100% Unique Content

After Checking your keyword density, you will be having clear vision to check whether your content contains enough keywords or not. One more main thing you also require to check that whether the content which you have added onto webpage is 100% unique or duplicate. For that you can follow the same websites which I have mentioned as above to check keyword density.

Headings and Bullet Points

For Better Content Management, your content should have some headings in the beginning of paragraph which can highlight the topic of content and usage of bullet points can let the visitor or reader more easy chance to visit or read on your content as well web pages. Quality content is very much important to highlight your main services to fetch.

Search Engine OptimizationIn the end I would like to inform you that do not sacrifice good writing for search engine optimization. Majority well graded articles on nearly some topic you can name (Excluding Wikipedia) are written specially for customers firstly and SEO is the best as a second or third thought.

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